Home Intrusion

I have never been so mad in my life.

I will preface that sometimes we are too trusting.  That we have grown up living in a protected bubble.  And therefore we make errors.  We made the mistake of not checking to see if our garage door was closed.  We assumed it was.  It did not even cross my mind, though, to go verify and double even triple check.  I rarely lock the doors to my car unless I’m in public and there is something valuable in the car.  However, it’s very sad that we live in a world where we end up kicking ourselves because we didn’t do the previously stated actions.  I should not have to kick myself and be upset with myself because of someone who lacks common courtesy of people’s belongings.

As I was getting into my car with my husband, I noticed everything out of the middle compartment pulled out and thrown about.  I asked him if he was looking for anything and even wondered if the dogs had gotten into my stuff.  When he said, “No.” and also saw his car was in the same condition, it was not difficult to arrive at the same conclusion that someone had been in our cars.

Initially, I assumed they didn’t find anything as I typically don’t have anything worth stealing.  Half the time I keep my car unlocked is  because I’d rather someone realize it’s not worth their time than having to replace a broken window.  I did the same thing.  Brian realized his Army backpack, that he had all through Iraq, was taken with his gym clothes.  The clothes are replaceable but that backpack was filled with a lot of meaning for him.  It’s something that he wore on this back, to this day, with pride and honor.  He’s proud to be a veteran.  He earned that backpack.

I put the keys in the ignition looking around my car and then my heart sinks into my stomach.  My heart rate increases exponentially and I feel anger surging through my veins.  It hits me.  I left my new purse and wallet in the car.  Within my wallet had credit cards, cash, gift cards, my Social Security card, and my ID amongst whatever else I can’t remember.  I’m left pissed.  Livid.  Helpless.

We are doing everything we can to save for adoption right now.  We are making conscious efforts to not spend money if we don’t have to.  And yet, here we are.  Money was taken from me, purchases were made, and now we have to spend more money to replace stolen items.  How dare [enter name here] have the audacity to come onto my property.  How dare [you] fell self-righteous enough to go through my things, and take what you want.  How dare [you] be so self-centered and selfish to have no regard for anyone else but yourself and not realize the domino effect you may have on the very people you are stealing from.

And the kicker…there is nothing I can do.

So now I have to get a new driver’s license…so excited to go to the DMV.  I have to go to another place to get a Social Security card…woot woot.  Then cards have to be cancelled and we have to be issued new credit cards.  Lastly, I get to place a freeze on my credit file so no one can open any sort of account under my social security number.  Ugh this just sucks.  And there is nothing I can do.

We are patiently waiting for a police officer to arrive so we can make a report.  But with my experience, things like this do not get resolved.  It just really really sucks.  So much for our summer motto of “Don’t be a dick.”

So please, don’t assume anything and just be careful.  Lock your door.  Double check that your garages.  And pray to God that jerks don’t happen to come across your house if you and when you do forget to close your garage.  I’ve never been so mad.

So, You Want to Sell Your House?

Tired of living in your current place of residence?  Perhaps it’s not big enough or your neighbors are too loud.  Perhaps your yard is too small or you just want a change in scenery.  Well, fear not…. because with the price of a realtor and a buyer’s agent, a moving company, moving boxes, packaging tape, car fuel, the cost of kenneling your dog(s), money for broken dishes and to replace lost items that you placed in a miscellaneous box… you could be moved in no time!

Moving can be very stressful, and I get that.  It’s a lot to do, organize, and orchestrate. There’s a lot of puzzle pieces you have to put into place in order to make it happen and there are always…ALWAYS…unforeseen expenses.  However, it’s not impossible and with the right housing market, a good realtor, and reliable buyers, it should go with ease.

We just recently bought our 4th house in 4 years.  That means we have sold our own property 3 times.  So I understand what it is like to be a buyer and a seller.

As a seller, you want to get the house ready.  Touch up some paint scratches because it’s easy and cheap.  Clean the house.  Get a realtor.  Keep the house picked up for spontaneous showings.  Keep the dogs kenneled or out of the house for when showings occur.  And then patiently waiting for the right buyer.  And then even after the buyer comes around you still have to negotiate.  Then the inspection comes and they make a list of items they want fixed, serviced, and/or replaced.  With that comes more negotiations.

Did you read that correctly?…. NEGOTIATIONS.  That means compromising.  Not getting 100% of what you want.  Coming to some sort of terms that makes BOTH parties happy – where both needs and wants are met to the best of both of your abilities.

With that being said, our most recent sellers did the complete opposite.  They thought solely of themselves and have screwed us over.  I fear for what they are teaching their children.  It’s frustrating because I feel like we are good people.  We truly try to pass on good deeds and use our manners and show respect to others.  And for some reason, with this situation, we keep being reminded of how shitty our sellers were.

I am appalled.

I am infuriated.

We have always done our best to make our house look as good as possible before leaving so that it’s just as special for the new home owners.  Getting a new house is exciting.  You have in your mindset of what could be and what the new chapter has in store for you.  Therefore, it has been eyeopening that there are some people that are just so insensitive, so self-centered and selfish, that these events could ever occur.

Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s not in Michigan.  I was always told that Colorado was the nicest state ever.  I don’t want to think that though.  I’d prefer to think that we just got really unlucky with some asshole sellers, and that most transactions don’t ever occur like this.

Regardless of why this occurred, the moral of the story is do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Treat others how you would want to be treated.  Try to leave every place a little better than how you found it.  Do. the. right. thing.  Bottom line… don’t be a dick!




In case you are wondering and want to know/care to know the details of what has occurred since undergoing contract, compiled list (in chronological order).   If you are looking to sell in the future, this is a list of what NOT to do.  As a buyer, take this as a warning of what you may want to look into protecting yourself from.  Never has this been an issue for us until now.

  1. insisted on an early close date and then when we wanted to close pushed it back 3 weeks (always get a finite close date in writing…don’t just say “by the end of ___”)
  2. rejected our offer of staying in a hotel, paid for, to help us out seeing we were moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!
  3. a week before close, pushed the date out a week (I was already scheduled to drive across the country with 3 dogs! So My dad and I had to get a hotel and after 16 hours of the poor dogs being in the car, we only got there to have them kenneled yet again)
  4. insisted on staying in the house 2 days after close to move out and make sure everything is cleared out (we were paid rent for those two days…. by their realtor!  This realtor used to be their friend, but after this deal she swore they’d never speak again)
  5. despite being given 2 extra days to clear out… they neglected to clean the bathrooms – thats right…shampoo bottle rings on the bath tub, hair in the drain, spots on the mirror, etc
  6. left broken furniture in the garage
  7. took down the tv mount when they moved leaving the wall messed up (not supposed to take down anything mounted to the walls) and it wasn’t painted underneath either
  8. took down shelves that were installed with drywall screws, etc – just took them.  The shelves are gone.  The holes are in the wall.  WTF?
  9. did not winterize the pool
  10. incorrectly installed pool pipes that had to be corrected
  11. did not winterize the sprinklers – the pump is now cracked and is $1000 to replace and not covered in the negotiated home warranty